Wayne Belyea

Wayne Belyea has been an artist for "as long as I can remember" and has become a free lance "Portrait" and "Event" photographer as well as a contributor to several Stock agencies, including iStockphoto.
He majored in Commercial Art at the High School of Commerce in Ottawa and has been involved in several artistic disciplines in a professional capacity over the succeeding years including, commercial & fine art, music, audio visual technologies, moving pictures and of coarse, still photography.
"There is something about freezing time, capturing the moment, in the best way possible, for any job at hand that has always & always will, have me hooked!"
Wayne Belyea is currently the principal and founder of "Artizan Imaging" and resides in the greater Ottawa region.
"Storm Warning"
The blacks get blacker & the whites get whiter...........
and the grey's,...... well, they just seem to be fading away..............

Artizan Imaging

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